Monday, September 18, 2006

don't cha think its TIME MR. BLAIR

A question to Tony Blair

This notice was posted by an Action Network user not the BBC
Updated: 12 Sep 2006
By daoud jibreel

Hi Mr. Blair

I wonder when your government is going to start installing micro wind turbines to all pensioner homes????? or all those who are classified as vulnerable adults.Ones that directly feed into the National Grid, so that their bills will be a balance of imput and output???

I wonder how many your government will install before the onset of winter, after all the technology exist, what a lovely Xmas present that would be for the vulnerable. I wonder what the cost of installing them on all homes would be??? After all Mr. Blair government can tell us how much a new nuclear reactor is gonna cost, well how about what the saving in fossil fuels having all homes with their own micro wind turbine would be.

Maybe you ought to ask Mr. Caqmeron how many therms a week his micro wind turbine is creating does he even know has he done the figures of it nationally???Maybe all the pensioners who have reduced their ussage to a minimum like myself would benefit by having two of the things on their property then maybe the electricity company would be paying them for a change, and perhaps they would have a little bit more money to give to their grandchildren at xmas time?????

So media dudes you going to press to find the answer to these questions, or are you all to well paid to have a concern, to unconcerned about the environment to demand the answeres???

Love n Light people

Mr. Blair I wonder if you will like my sculpture of you soon to be displayed on blogger, when I can get it fotographed

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